Patriots Season Record and Super Bowl Win Should Have an Asterisk *

December 30, 2007

Why is noone talking about the fact that this team was caught cheating by recording videos of other NFL teams with the explicit purpose of stealing signals and plays?

If one team in the NFL knew the other teams signals and had at least competent on field execution, it would be a huge, unfair, super bowl delivering advantage.

When the NFL slapped the Pats on the wrist, its important to note, that whatever tapes were delivered to the NFL, were destroyed upon receipt. No investigation was done to determine how long the Pats had been doing this, what success they had codifying other teams signals (you do agree if they broke another teams signals they probably wrote that down somewhere right?) and decoding their playbooks. How many videos were there? Going back to when? How was it made to stop? Who was involved?

Since none of these questions were EVEN ASKED by the NFL, its fair for fans to ask them. And I wonder if its plausible to anyone, even the most hardcore fan that the sophisticated cheating attempt which got them caught against the Jets, was a one-time occurrence?

Of course not. So then why did the NFL not look into that. Its like giving Bonds a 3 game suspension for using steroids a week before he wins the home run record. The Pats can reasonably be assumed to have cheated for the last few years, and its perfectly reasonable to assume that this years’ success is the culmination of a successful system cheating against their opponents.

Somehow I doubt the players know, I bet this is just a clubhouse, coach, management thing. But if any Pats players know more details, I would appreciate your comments on this blog.

I have nothing against the Pats, my point is that since the NFL did such a shoddy job of getting to the bottom of the cheating and now “Looky here! We have a winner on our hands!” Even my memory isn’t that bad guys. This asterisk should ride with them after the super bowl.